Evils of Automobility

I feel like a complete hypocrite. Since June of 1998 I have been on a self proclaimed mission to live my life as much as possible without an automobile. After 5 years of success and righteousness, I’ve fallen down several levels and am now among the ranks of the majority of Americans who own and regularly drive a gas guzzling, CO2 spewing, anger inducing, over consumption encouraging, and exercise discouraging heap of metal on four wheels. Of course I have a valid rationalization: I plan to travel this fall – and I mean travel a lot! More on this later in another post, but I simply decided to compromise my ideals for a bit of personal freedom and convenience. Am I proud of the fact? No. Will I feel better once I rid myself of this contraption come November or December? Absolutely yes! But until then the odometer keeps a racking the miles up like the spinning numbers on a slot machine. I’ve hit over 2000 just in the last 6 weeks. Will I hit the jackpot? Will my luck run out? I don’t really care, just so long as I can let it ride till December. Then I can cash in my wheels and buy back my conscience.


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