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An End to Moving Madness?

For anyone that hasn’t been in close touch, I’ve been on the run for about two months now. It all started innocently enough last spring when in the depths of economic news despair I purchased airfare to New Zealand as a carrot to carry myself through to fall. In June, Katie and I listed our [...]

Rancid Moose Cadaver

From an article on observing Fox News reactions on election night, this quote pretty much catches the essence of how my stomach feels whenever I think about “Palin 2012″. Was Sarah Palin the albatross that doomed McCain or the life preserver that kept him, if barely, afloat? Even on Fox News no one had [...]

Saying No

A problem has plagued me off and on for some time, and recently it has reared its thorny head to make my life much more overwhelming than it need be. The problem I refer to is how difficult it is for me to say no. When someone like me suddenly finds himself awash in opportunity [...]

Out on a Limb

Suzanne Beecher, author of the Dear Reader book club wrote: I think one of the best things that I’ve got going for me in life is that I’m willing to go out on a limb. It’s not that I’m never afraid to crawl out there, and admittedly, sometimes I have to hang on for dear [...]

Man In A Box

Here is a passage I took an affinity to from a piece entited Dear Norm. … It strikes me you are obsessed with boxes. You live in one, work in one, travel in one, eat out of one, and are entertained by one. You put really bad people in them, you put yourself in them. [...]


This evening while cleaning junk email out of my inbox, I stumbled upon a message containing little more than a few unrecognized acronyms within virtually no context. Well, leaving a mystery unexplored just isn’t my style so to the borg (google) I went. Tangents spawned tangents, and hours later I found myself reading about pyschological [...]

Enhancing Your Observation

One of the biggest reasons why I object to automobiles is that they cut off the drivers and passengers from the rest of the world. Hurtling down the road, they are locked in their own little world and suddenly other drivers instantly become jerks and pedestrians become nuisance obstacles. Cruising down the road at high [...]

Benched For A Day

As an exercise in observation, stillness and patience I am pondering the idea of perching myself on a bench in downtown Corvallis for a period of 24 hours…

I Christen Thee

Thus begins my foray into the realm of blogging. With great eagerness and starry eyes I swing the Champaign bottle across the hull of this new vessel. I christen thee “Thought Distillery”. May the journey be long and full of unexpected twists and turns as only by challenging our thoughts can we expect them to [...]