We are grateful to have been part of a wonderful, public community school, with whole-child centered learning and dedicated and passionate teachers. And we’re grateful for the best efforts we saw to embark on the remote learning journey during 4th quarter of 2020.

At the same time, less than a month out from the start of school, educational institutions were left scrambling to come up with online solutions that support learning for all of their students. We know that equity and access for all are critical. And we know many/most of these systems are not on track to be equitable and accessible. We have a long way to go with making affordable broadband available around the country and fast, reliable internet is a baseline requirement for online education.

We’re not confident that if the kind of remote schooling we saw during Q4 continues our kids (or any) will thrive.

I sit from a place of privilege where we have flexible schedules. This small business is profitable and supports our household. My husband has committed to leading the homeschool/unschool journey for our family, if that’s the path we choose. Again, we get to choose. For so many families, that’s not the case. 

Let us consider any negative financial impacts to our local districts when making the decision to pull our kids out to explore learning pods, homeschooling, and unschooling. COVID-19 has highlighted long-standing educational inequities in the US and we as parents need to move forward mindfully, and with intention and awareness, as we make these decisions for our families.

As we try to figure out what’s best for our family, I’m doing some research. If you’ve poked around this site, you know I’m not a fan of reinventing the wheel, so I share freely and openly just about everything I discover. 

And I’m discovering that it’s tricky to find modern, secular homeschooling and unschooling resources.

Platforms for Co-Learning/Pods/Micro-Schools

If you are interested in connecting with other families and/or creating a learning pod, check out the following. 

Other Remote Learning Platforms
Homeschool/Remote Teacher Networks
Secular Homeschooling
    Unschooling/Self-Directed Learning
    Other Resources
      Relevant Terms

      Here’s an evolving peek into how I’m thinking about creating just the right amount of structure for our kiddos. Click on the mind map to scroll around and zoom in and out. We’ve officially decided to give unschooling a try.



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      Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash. And many thanks to my friend, Suzette, a veteran homeschooler, who continues to share links with me.

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