Humanitou and I had some wild numbers show up in our analytics recently and it looks like it’s not just us.

At first look, it appears that new pages were created on our sites with the extensions / , /, and / (Update 5/11/21, just got hit with, as well..)

Bot traffic screenshot

bot traffic spam screenshot








If you view this Google Analytics support thread, you’ll see a number of folks got hit with the same issue. There are a couple of solutions proposed to filter out these results.

While a nuisance, it looks like there’s no need for panic. It looks like this is done to get your attention (yep, they got it!) and then make you consider buying fake traffic to presumably game the system. 🙁

Don’t do it.

If you want to read up on this, I found this PPC Protect article of use, “What Are Traffic Bots? How Traffic Bots Are Causing Havoc Online.”  This Semrush post, “What Is Bot Traffic and How Is it Used to Scam Traffic Reports” is also a helpful explainer.

(I’m not affiliated with either company/product, just found these articles to provide simple, helpful explanations.)

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