I have open-sourced a few of my personal research passion projects in social impact,  education, salary equality, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech.


To learn more about incubators and accelerators that support social enterprise founders, as well as pioneering companies to watch in sustainability, free online social impact courses, and finding social impact jobs, visit this public Trello board, Social Impact Research.



And check out this pitch deck regarding the creation of a social impact technology incubator/accelerator.





Building and Facilitating Self-Managing, Agile, Remote Teams: An Operating Manual


View my operating manual for Building and Facilitating Self-Managing, Agile, Remote Teams or download the e-book version.






To view a research template I built for evaluating new solutions/business ideas, check out this public Trello board, New Solution Template. Feel free to copy it and amend it to meet your needs (link to directions on the board itself under Read Me).



For my list of 50+ open-source ideas across physical product, software solutions, business ideas, and content, visit this post.





For links regarding DEI in tech and how to be an anti-racist, including resources about why diversity matters, how to make the business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion, should you find yourself in that kind of conversation, and software platforms that can help reduce bias in the recruiting and hiring process, visit this page.




This post highlights companies with transparent salary policies as well as resources where salaries are shared.




Research on reinventing K-12 educationTo learn more about schools challenging the status quo model, resources for education professionals redesigning curricula, and critical questions regarding what it will take to reinvent public K-12 education, visit this public Trello board, Reinventing (K-12) Education.



Research on homelessness for GlobalHack hackathonTo view my research in preparation for a hackathon on homelessness, including problem statements, resources on chronic homelessness, technology solutions, and relevant terms, visit this board, One Woman’s Research for a Hackathon on Homelessness.



To view research regarding a potential business idea to create a coding school for kids on wheels, check out this public Trello board, RollCode.



Photo by Dan Dimmock on Unsplash