joyful dragon drawing icon in dark blueWe need more joy on our projects and teams, in our products, and out in the world. And it’s still fun to get mail.

If you’d like me (Thought Distillery Founder and Principal Consultant, Becca) to send you a little packet of joy and inspiration, no strings attached, please send me an email with your name, company, role, a short note about what has inspired you or brought you joy recently, and your business or home address.

I will not share or sell your information. I will not put you into my marketing funnel and follow up every x amount of days until I get business from you or you tell me to stop contacting you. I will send you a piece of fun and “lumpy mail.”

If you want to have a conversation after that about how Thought Distillery’s services can benefit your B2B SaaS product and/or your values-driven organization, cool. And if you feel inclined to post a photo of that package on Instagram and tag Thought Distillery, fantastic! If not, I’ll still think you’re awesome anyway. 🙂

photo of craft paper mailer with colorful doodles and your name here

I will limit this to 40 packages and will start shipping them out early to mid-February of 2022 until I’ve hit that cap. (Real envelope doodles by Becca.)


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