Consider Engaging With Becca Williams of Thought Distillery When You Find Yourself Thinking Any of the Following.


  • strategic priorities need refinement
  • product backlog could be better
  • development teams need more direction on what to work on
  • product road map needs more detail
  • go-to-market strategy requires coordination across functional areas
  • remote teams could have better communications
  • user stories are not actionable
  • solution is over-engineered

We are not:

  • sure what to build
  • building the right things at the right time
  • aware of what our competitors are doing
  • focused on our stakeholders, customers, and users
  • transparent

We are ready to:

  • become a more product-focused org
  • think like a SaaS (software-as-a-service) company
  • consider what comes after Agile and Scrum
  • build something brand-new
  • maximize our positive social impact

We need:

  • better use cases, user flows, screen flows, user stories
  • low-fidelity wireframes
  • more process than we have as we scale
  • application consistency
  • customer journey mapping
  • inception and discovery planning and facilitation

Becca learns new domains every 3-6 months and is able to identify parallels and possibilities others might not see. She excels at quickly diagnosing project challenges, suggesting solutions, and predicting potential hiccups, bottlenecks, and blockers.

Her project and other professional experience spans many areas including:

  • Agriculture – grain milling and production ERP
  • Architecture, engineering, and construction proof of concept for a well-known, multinational software company
  • Automotive aftermarket digital transformation for a $1B company
  • B2B
  • Cloud solutions platforms
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Private
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Contract Analysis
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Federal and regional entrepreneurial policy
  • Financial services
    • Insurtech
    • Automated underwriting
  • Journalism
  • Machine Learning, AI, digital human assistants
  • Non-profits
  • SaaS
  • Small business supplier diversity
  • Preventative healthcare
  • Renewable energy
  • Sports media content
  • Startups
  • The arts
  • Training
What The Clients Say:

positive feedback

Becca is a forward thinking, passionate, and trustworthy leader. I have personally witnessed and benefited from the tangible impacts of her leadership, Agile & Product centric skillsets, and infectiously positive personality. Becca’s consultative input, guidance, and knowledge sharing is always delivered with professionalism and a customer first mindset. She successfully led an agile transformation of a large, diversified, traditional development team for one of my company’s most strategic portfolios. Becca is well equipped to understand and identify challenges surrounding technical and product teams as well as recommend and lead the adoption of transformative solutions. Look to be thoughtfully inspired and motivated with any project or engagement Becca is a part of!!

-NaTasha Taylor, senior project manager

Becca worked for me for a technology startup of mine that had a newly formed team. In her capacity as scrum master and agile coach, she coached the product owner and team members on best practices for writing stories, particularly around acceptance criteria. She scheduled and led scrum ceremonies around sprint planning and backlog refinement and introduced a number of innovative tools and techniques to help improve team communications and story quality. Becca did an excellent job working with both people who were new to scrum and also experienced scrum team members. She confidently brought the team together, facilitated meetings and offline discussion, answered questions, and helped grow the team’s scrum maturity level. After several weeks of Becca’s coaching, the team had pulled together a clearly defined scrum board and a backlog that was refined and prioritized. In the process she removed uncertainty and confusion around features and workloads. I appreciate the contributions Becca brought to the project and hope I find another opportunity to work with her in the future.

-Brian Woelfel, Principal/Owner Eigen X

Becca is available for full or part-time engagements on a time and materials basis, retainer, or value-driven pricing approach.


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