Photo of a child in fake canon with helmet and goggle on to illustrate a launch

Thought Distillery Launches New Social Impact-Focused Pop-Up Retail/Gallery, and Shared Office Space in Buena Vista, Colorado

🧑‍💻 In addition to serving as home base for Thought Distillery, where Becca Williams provides remote product management, strategy, + Agile product ownership services for values-driven software organizations, this space will serve as a testing ground for Becca’s big, bold vision to build a commercial real estate development for socially-conscious Read more…

Open-Source Ideas

Five years ago, I started logging ideas and observations in OneNote around pain points/sources of friction/other ideas related to things I’ve read/listened to in business models, customer experiences, technologies, process, civic engagement, and physical products. I’ve now compiled more than 100 concepts in my “Life Ideas” tab. When I first Read more…

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