Colorado miles driven last week: 518+

Lots. of. happenings.



Podcasts listened to: 14

Forty Thrive

Girlboss Radio

HBR IdeaCast

How I Built This With Guy Raz

(Side note, HIBT will be in Denver on 11/13.)

On Being

Second Life

The Tim Ferriss Show


Events attended: 5
  • Frosted mountains and watching the temperature climb up from 12 degrees Friday morning driving to Denver
  • Seeing a different landscape taking the long way to Boulder
  • Not being part of the many car pileup on I-25 on Tuesday
  • Meeting awesome people
  • A detour to grab a bahn mi and Vietnamese iced coffee from New Saigon Bakery and Deli on Federal Blvd. (totally worth it) 
  • How welcomed I felt at CreativeMornings – warmth, vulnerability, clearly outlining how an event works in advance with a thoughtful onboarding email, creating a safe and inclusive space, and yummy breakfast burritos from the Basted Egg food truck
  • Learning about some things I should be paying attention to as a technologist at the App Economy Tour (see new on my radar below)
  • Super awesome podcast content to keep me busy on the drive
  • Seeing democracy in action
    New on my radar:

    Photo by _M_V_ on Unsplash